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Custom Wood Work         Air Brushing       Restoring Classic Plates

Roll Cage         Custom Stripes

**Complete restorations are charge a flat rate

of $44.00/hr. plus supplies & parts.**

Labor Prices

                        Body & Paint Labor              $48.00/hr.

                        Paint Materials                      $25.00/hr.

                        Body Materials                      $2.50/hr.

                        Frame Straightening             $60.00/hr.

                        Mechanical Labor                  $55.00/hr.

           Electrical Labor                    $55.00/hr.

                        Storage                                    $15.00/day

                        Towing                                    $1.50/mile ($75 pick-up inc. first 25 miles)

Estimates on site are FREE!

Estimates off site are $50.00

BUT, the money will be refunded in the final 

invoice upon completion of work.

Appraisals $75.00