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This is Jeff's baby... Feeding his 1972 Chevy Truck, this 396 BB produces 375 HP with a roller cam, roller lifters, an Edlebrock Intake, Holley 950 and MSB Ignition

Check out Jeff's complete transition of his favorite toy, this 1972 Chevy Truck!

This 396 big block had original 325HP. We balanced the crank, blue printed the engine and added more cam shaft with an aluminum intake and Edlebrock carburetor.

1967 Chevelle

This 350 small block has Tunnel Ram, two 500 Edlebrock carburetors and a Hilborn style air scoop.

1970 Camaro

This small block 383 powers a 1973 Nova. Built with Edlebrock Aluminum Intake, a 750 carburetor, and Edlebrock Vortec Heads.

1973 Nova

 This 1970 Chevelle is powered up by a 396 big block. With 450 horse power, we blue printed this engine and installed a 278 Comp Cam Kit with a 700R, Edlebrock intake and an 800 carburetor.

1970 Chevelle

Jeff Haselhuhn's 377 small block was blue printed with hydraulic cam shaft, tunnel ram and two 600 Holley carburetors.

1967 Camaro

This 312 was a complete rebuild to stock with added detailing in the engine compartment.

1957 Thunderbird